International Standards compliance

Are you able to supply local retailers and export markets with your product?

We are well-versed in the relevant international standards and provide expert training on GLOBALG.A.P., Tesco Nurture, Fairtrade and the SIZA Ethical Trade Standard.

We supply a complete set of documentation necessary for compliance. These documents include policies, procedures, form templates and a number of emergency standards. We further assist farmers by conducting on-site risk assessments and provide the methodology for risk mitigation.

We manage document records through a system that complies with good agricultural practices and it is customised to suit your requirements.

Benefits of good agricultural practice record keeping for projects include:

  • Product traceability through an auditable documentation trail
  • Market access and competitive advantage through international compliance and certification
  • Profitable agronomic performance through best agricultural practices and continuous improvement
  • Stable environmental and social operating conditions
  • Triple bottom line value and reduced business risk

Link to the GLOBALG.A.P. V5 Standard

Link to the SIZA Standard

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