Agricultural Operations

With our agricultural knowledge, operational and technical farming experience, we are well-equipped to provide a range of services.

Our agricultural prefeasibility and feasibility assessments will provide you with the following services:

  • GIS study and on-site ground truthing
  • Land evaluation and crop suitability assessment
  • Social and environmental survey prior to environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)
  • Market and economic study to inform the business plan

For African agricultural developments we facilitate:

  •  Land preparation, seed sourcing, planting, irrigation and crop husbandry in line with precision farming principles; harvesting and processing for target markets

We provide consulting and farm management services specialising in:

  • Crop development strategy
  • Staff and resource planning
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Market appraisal and linkages
  • Development of a business plan for the enterprise
  • Production optimisation
  • Staff mentorship and technical skills transfer
  • Sustainable agricultural business practices in compliance to international standards

 We are able to deliver due diligence auditing on behalf of lenders or owners:

  •  Assessments and reporting on non-compliance, project progress and corrective action plans

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