Skills development programmes

We are passionate about building peoples farming capacity for the advancement of agriculture in Africa. We believe that the development of farming skills are crucial for sustainable agri-business.

We provide a wide range of agricultural training programmes including:

  • Institutional and governance for outgrower associations and co-operatives 
  • Governance for small-scale farmers
  • Outgrower and small scale farmer business management
  • Basic farm finance 
  • Farm husbandry – best practice principles
  • Skilled farm machine operator training
  • Farm implements and equipment operations
  • Health and wellness
  • Life skills
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • GLOBALG.A.P. (Version 5), Fairtrade and Tesco Nurture accreditation training
  • SIZA - Ethical trade standard

Link to the SIZA Standard

 Link to Agri-IQ Training Prospectus 

Link to GLOBALG.A.P V 5 Standard