Our clients

Agri-IQ has done work for a number of clients and projects including:

Department of Agriculture – South Africa

Agri-IQ provides ongoing services for the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in developing small-scale farmers on agricultural best practice which ensures sustainable operations. Training has also extended to the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard for certification.

Ministry of Trade and Industry – Lesotho

Turn to Eden farm in Lesotho produces deciduous fruit for export. This farm is supported by the Lesotho Government and the World Bank and, as a result of the on-site training, facilitation and documentation provided by Agri-IQ, it is the first farm to have achieved GLOBALG.A.P. certification in Lesotho.

EcoFarm – Mozambique

In preparation for the EcoFarm sugar cane outgrower scheme in Mozambique, Agri-IQ has developed training material and conducted on-site training in co-operative governance, management, business and life skills to three community co-operatives. The training has included the co-operative leadership as well as the members. Agri-IQ has been engaged to ensure that the co-operatives are sufficiently prepared to begin their collective farming operations which will include both sugar cane and food crops.  

Maragra Acucar - Illovo Sugar, Mozambique

Agri-IQ has been engaged to provide capacity building services for community outgrowers who will be delivering sugar cane to the Illovo Sugar mill at Maragra. The communities will also be growing food crops to ensure local food security. The training is based on a 'train the trainer' methodology and covers a wide spectrum of topics from governance to technical farm training.

Republic of Congo

Agri-IQ conducted a large-scale agricultural prefeasibility assessment in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). A ‘greenfield’ approach was applied to make provision for mixed farming incorporating cattle, poultry, as well as food and field crops.

Oceana Group – South Africa

Oceana Group is the largest fishing company in South Africa and an important participant in the Namibian fishing industry. In line with its commitment to sustainable business practices, Oceana collaborated with Agri-IQ to train 1350 employees on the Company’s sustainability initiatives. A train the trainer programme was implemented to facilitate on-site training across the five divisions of Oceana in South Africa. The initiative included the development of training material, training delivery and monitoring and evaluation.

GIZ/GFA Consulting Group – Mozambique

Agri-IQ was appointed by GIZ – an international funding organisation based in Germany, in partnership with the GFA Consulting Group in Mozambique, to develop and implement a training programme in business management skills for sustainable dairy farming in central Mozambique.

Mozambique Principle Energy Limitada (MozPEL) – Mozambique

In preparation for the MozPEL sugar cane-to-ethanol cogeneration project in Dombe, central Mozambique; 18,000 ha of sugar cane had to be developed according to strict environmental and social sustainability principles. Agri-IQ was the appointed agricultural and sustainability consultant on this project and helped to implement sustainability compliance and manage overall agricultural sugar cane production.

HIV counselling and testing project – South Africa

Agri-IQ, in partnership with The Global Fund and Right to Care – a local non-profit organisation, has initiated an HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) project, which is in line with the South African Government’s HCT campaign. Through this ongoing project, farm workers receive confidential HIV/AIDS testing and counselling. The Agri-IQ team is currently working on 80 farms in the Nkomazi municipal area of Mpumalanga and tests approximately 30,000 farm workers in a 12-month cycle.


Solidaridad is an international organisation which creates fair and sustainable supply chains from producer to consumer. On behalf of Solidaridad, Agri-IQ has developed a training programme to build the capacity of sugarcane extension officers at a number of the Illovo Sugar operations in Africa. This training has taken place at the Ubombo sugar mill in Swaziland, the Kilombero mill in Tanzania and the Nchalo mill in Malawi. The training programme focuses on upskilling the extension officers on a number of sustainability topics and principles so that they may effectively train their community farmers.